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Ryuu Martial Arts


About Us:

Our company is based on the belief that our customers' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. Martial Arts training are a complete approach to total fitness. Today's fitness requires more than just physical exercise. With the stress, peer pressure and violence in society, adults and children of all ages need a total fitness program for developing mental and emotional fitness as well as the physical body.

Ryuu Martial Arts is defined, characterized, and differentiated as a multi-styled hybrid martial art. It was founded by Dr. John Suarez, and features the fusion of several of the most popularly practiced Arts in the world today including characteristics of hard (go), soft (Ju), weapons (Kobudo), 

and sword (Iaido) martial arts.

Ryuu Martial Arts offer a total fitness program for the development of the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person. Physical fitness, including weight control, flexibility and strength building, is a result of training. Training offers a pleasurable, educational method for adults and children to get in shape and stay in shape. It also provides a structured program for the optimum physical development of young growing bodies.

Anyone can benefit from martial arts training. Emphasis on success in Karate leads to the development of a positive self-image. Parents report healthier, happier children- including better grades in school and more cooperation at home. Adults find the year round training reduces stress, offers weight control and improve overall fitness and self-esteem. Our programs improve your total fitness and create a positive mental attitude that flows over into every aspect of your lifestyle.

Karate is an ancient fighting art that has evolved over the years to include many variations and techniques. Karate translates into “Kara (empty) Te (hand)", which indicates that the techniques require the use of only the human body as a weapon. “The martial arts, if properly taught, are a balanced system of spiritual discipline, physical education, self-defense and competitive sport."

At Ryuu Martial Arts, which is a blended style derived from four of the major styles of Japanese and Korean karate. They are Okinawa Kenpo Karate, Wado Ryu Karate, Shotokan Karate and Shorin Ryu Karate, with the soft art of Shintoyoshin Ryu Jiu Jitsu. Training in this art is divided between hand, foot, escape and throwing techniques for self-defense. Emphasis is placed in kata (forms), basic techniques and sparring.

Jiu Jitsu is translated as the gentle art of self-defense. This Japanese self-defense system is designed to neutralize attacks by applying pressure on the body's meridians to cause intense but non-damaging pain to the aggressor. The aim of Jiu Jitsu techniques is to neutralize, control, and discourage an attacker with techniques that employ minimal strength yet generate maximum efficiency. * This is an excellent self-defense system for women.*

Kobudo, which means “ancient martial ways”, refers to the ancient weapons system of Okinawa. Use of weapons such as the Nunchakus, Bo Staff, Jo Staff, Hanbo, Tonfa, Cane, Kama, Sai, and Sword is taught. Weapons training is reserved for advanced students.

Children's Classes are devoted to the development of young minds and bodies. The instructor’s stress that each child is to progress at his or her own individual rate. A disciplined class is the key to developing the confidence, self-assurance and independence that each child needs. Training at Ryuu Martial Arts can be an exciting and enjoyable activity for the entire family.

Adult Classes concentrate on improving your total fitness level. The self-defense training prepares you for the worst of the possible situations, with which you might be confronted, while the mental conditioning can be used to confront everyday pressures of life.

At Ryuu Martial Arts we want you to be sure that we are what you are looking for in the martial arts before you spend one red cent, so we offer you a week trial period to see if we are for you. If we meet your approval, you will be fitted with your required uniform (Gi) and training equipment.

We are proud members of the following organizations

American Martial Arts Renmei (AMAR)

Martial Arts USA (MAUSA)

World Kenwayoshin Ryu Bujutsu (WKRB)

Visit us for a tour and to sign up for our ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL!


Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Brevard County Employees: 10%2 Siblings: 5% (same as 10% off 2 child) 3+ Siblings: 10% (same as 10% off 2 child plus 20% off 3 child) Special parent price to take class with your child. Ask us for details.

***Discounts cannot be combined***

Contact Us - 321-302-9560 - [email protected] - Ryuu Martial Arts

1279 W. King St. (SR 520) Cocoa, FL 32922

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