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Ryuu Martial Arts



Adult and Teen men and women can easily apply Aikido and Aiki Jujutsu techniques without relying on strength. It’s all about harmonizing, blending with, and dissipating the opponent’s aggressive energy. Aikido is great self-defense as it does not rely on striking or kicking an opponent.

Instead, Aikido teaches to control an opponent’s movements until they are being held helpless on the ground.

Many police and armed forcesorganizations are turning to Aikido as their preferred martial art. Now you can learn what they learn.Because Aikido does not rely on striking and kicking to disable an opponent Aikido is the perfect martial art for women. Women learn to use their opponent’s weight and strength against them.Weekday classes focus on hand-to-hand work. Some classes will focuses on Bokken (practice sword) and Jo Staff (short stick) work that is the foundation of the Japanese Samurai’s fighting system.“Don’t miss an opportunity to train with Clark Sensei. His Aikido skills are phenomenal. His weapons training have been especially valuable for me. It gave me a historical perspective on Aiki-Ken I had never experienced in 48 years of martial arts training. Taijutsu instruction was equally valuable, serving as a glimpse into the most practical applications of Aiki-Budo in a martial situation. We practiced extremely effective techniques in a safe, supportive environment that benefited all levels of experience. My perspective on martial power now has a whole new dimension. I highly recommend Clark Sensei Aikido instruction to all martial artists of any style or level of experience.”​

Aiki-Kids teaches Focus, Respect & Personal GrowthAiki-Kids are a vital and growing children’s Aikido program taught by Ken Clark Sensei and hosted by Ryuu Martial Arts. Classes are held Wednesdays evenings at 6:00-7:30 PM.

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Military Personnel, Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, Brevard County Employees: 10%2 Siblings: 5% (same as 10% off 2 child) 3+ Siblings: 10% (same as 10% off 2 child plus 20% off 3 child) Special parent price to take class with your child. Ask us for details.

***Discounts cannot be combined***

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