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Ryuu Martial Arts


Women Self Defense:

(KISS) Keeping It Simple & Safe

Tactical Awareness

Tactical Awareness can mean the difference between Life and Death. It can also mean the difference between failure and success. I don't know about you, but I darn well intend to keep on living and succeeding. So I make Tactical Awareness my close friend. I take it with me wherever I go.

What is "Tactical Awareness?"

Tactical Awareness is most often referred to in Law Enforcement, Military, and Self-Defense circles. It is often known as "situational awareness"

Tactical Awareness is: Your ability to perceive...and your cognitive reaction time...and your tactical deal with ANY situation that arises! That’s great for street survival and combat, but why stop there? After all, survival and THRIVAL (yes, "thrive") is what it's all about.

Why "just" survive? How about surviving AND thriving? How about bringing the Tactical mind into DAILY life? Would it make you more effective? Would it help you start perceiving things you had been missing and make more of those opportunities? Absolutely!

You can multiply your tactical awareness to super-hero levels by using the superior methods of 8-Directional Intuition, Zanshin Hakalau, and Ninpo Laser-Focus. I'll show you how step-by-step on Your One-Year Path To Mastery... you can use them to Stop Your Enemies Cold, whether they be blood-thirsty street thugs, the so-called competition at work, or your own self-limitations. In the meantime, here are a few fundamental Tactical Tips for surviving and thriving.

1. Turn off the chatterbox of your mind when you are out of your home. You won't be able to hear your "sixth sense" as well if your mind is full of the clutter of constant thought and chatter.

2. Always look for and remember the exits and potential weapons in any situation or location you go into.

3. When you arrive somewhere, practice peripheral and energetic perception by being in tune with the energies of the other people there without being obvious.

4. Soften your eyes and use energetic softening with keen perception to notice who sizes you up, who may be staring at your date or companion, who is concealing their own tactical awareness, and the cultural, demographic, body type and personality specifics of each person. You see, people have an "energy" that is as noticeable as the color of their clothes and gender. So become a student of the art of people-perception. This can be great fun and you will soon become a pro at reading people as easy as a neon sign.

5. Dress tactically for perception and functionality, so you can blend in or stand out if you want to, and so you can move unhindered.

6. Control your breathing and thinking and you control your awareness and personal power supply.

7. Began practicing "tactical choice" in all situations.

I hope you see the great usefulness of these tips, and I look forward to coaching you.

13 Tips to Keep Your Teenage Daughter Safe

Tip #1 – Open Flow of Communication, No Matter What

You want to make sure that your daughter knows that she can call you, no matter what. No matter what time, what rules she has broken or where she is. She needs to know that you will help her if she is in trouble or is around people she does not trust to drive her home safely.

Tip #2 – Give Her a Phone

It does not have to be the fancy smartphone she had been begging for, but it is essential for her to have a way to call you or the police if necessary.

Tip #3 – Have a Buddy

Teenage girls typically travel in groups. This is a good thing. When going to a party, she should have one buddy. They make a promise to look after each other all night long. They even let each other know when they are going to use the restroom.

Tip #4 – Limit Use of Alcohol and Drugs

The key here is to stay in control. If your daughter is experimenting with drugs or alcohol, it is very important that she know the importance of staying in control. Limit drinking to one beer per hour. In over 50% of rapes, there is alcohol involved.

Tip #5 – Keep your Beverage in Your Hand

Some rapist use “date-rape drugs” to aid in their sexual assault. They place a pill, liquid or powder into a woman’s drink and between 15-30 minutes later, that woman would appear to be quite drunk. The perpetrator would assist the woman away from others, appearing to help her, but instead would assault her. The drugs are powerful enough to cause the woman to pass out and she may not remember anything. The effects of the drug may last several hours. Needless to say, Keep your beverage in your own hands at all times.

Tip #6 – Have an Exit Strategy

At any point during the party or anywhere you may be, make sure you know you can leave at any time, if you want to. Carry enough money to call a cab, if necessary. Know where the exits are.

Tip #7 – Learn About Body Weapons and Targets

Here is a quick physical self-defense lesson for you!

Body weapons are parts of your body that you can use to strike at somebody who is trying to hurt you. You can strike with your feet, knees, open palms, fists, hands, shins, head, shoulders, hips and elbows. Targets are vulnerable places to strike to on your attacker. The most vulnerable spots are the eyes, throat and groin. Other includes the top of the foot, the solar plexus, jaw, temple and nose. So, you take one of your body weapons and give 1oo% of your power in that strike to one of the targets listed above. Then, of course, run to safety.

Tip #8 – Be Wary of Unwanted Attention

As young women, we sometimes like attention, but when it is unwanted and from somebody we are not comfortable with, we should be wary of it. Often, niceness and giving compliments is a tactic used by a criminal to gain trust. Always speak firmly and look him in the eye when you say, “I do not want to talk to you.”

Tip #9 – Trust Your Intuition

Your body gives you signals to warn you when you are in danger. You might feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up, your palms get sweaty or you have knots in your stomach. Listen to their signals and act quickly to remove yourself away from the person who is causing that physical response in you.

Tip #10 – Make Smart Choices

Make smart choices about your safety, even if all of your friends are trying to convince you to do something or go somewhere.

Tip # 11 – Do Not Share Personal Information If someone is asking questions about your name, the names of your family members, your school or your address, DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION. Feel free to make something up or simply refuse to answer. You can also try this trick: For every one question they ask you, you ask them two without answering any.

Tip #12 – Self-Defense Classes

Give your daughter the gift of self-defense training. I would give her this training before she is a teenager. By the time she is eight years old, I believe she would benefit from a self defense course that teaches girls to speak up for themselves and defend themselves physically if necessary.

Tip #13- Check Out A Martial Arts Class

Enrolling in a martial arts class is an excellent long-term strategy for instilling confidence and strength in body, mind and spirit. Again, I would recommend starting classes when she is young (between 6-8). I have taught hundreds of girls Karate and often, they begin by eight years old and stop by around thirteen. Five years in the martial arts as a kid builds a strong foundation to continue to grow upon. Be mindful of the fact that many martial arts schools emphasize the art they are studying, and may not teach practical self-defense strategies. Self- defense differs from martial arts in that simple strategies may be learned in a short time-frame, where as martial arts training can be a multiple-year or life-long journey.


Your teenage daughter is a precious commodity. You do not have the luxury of denial or avoidance when it comes to paying attention to the safety of your child. I know you will do what you can to keep her from harm, and please arm her with the knowledge and tools she will need to keep herself safe. If you found these tips helpful in any way, please let me know. And feel free to ask more questions. Like I said, I have been teaching self defense for 45 years and love to help others. My life’s work is devoted to empowering people to be strong, stand up for themselves and to fight back against violence and injustice.

If you would like to invite me to lead a workshop on self-defense and personal empowerment for your group, school or organization, feel free to email me at [email protected]

You can also visit the website for my martial arts studio at

8 Essential Targets and How to Strike to Them:

Are you worried that you would not know what to do if faced with an attacker? Do you want to learn how to physically defend yourself?

I am going to teach you about the 8 most vulnerable targets on the body and the best strikes to deliver to these targets if necessary.

My name is Jimmy Jackson, a retired sheriff’s office commander of the special operations unit. I have been teaching self-defense for 45 years, to law enforcement officers, schools and in my own martial arts studio. I am happy to be now, sharing my knowledge with people like you.

It is important to keep a couple of things in mind. Your attacker will not be 10 feet tall and 500 lbs. As women, fears become exacerbated by the media portrayal of women victims of violence. Despite the images of powerlessness we see in the movies, there are many ways that women successfully defend themselves every single day.

In reality, 75% of rapists are people that we know or who have met briefly. So your attackers are often just average-sized. 

But I do understand that it may be true that your attacker will be stronger than you, and that is terrifying. 

That’s why it is important to remember these 8 Essential Targets on a body that are most vulnerable:




Nose Solar Plexus




If you say this rhyme a few times, it may be etched into your brain and remain there until you might have to remember them. We must also identify the parts of our bodies that we can use as weapons. The first parts that may come to mind are the hands, fists, feet, legs and knees. But let’s also know that we can use our elbows when we are in close range, our heads to strike to faces, our shoulders and hips to create more space for escape, the nails and the teeth.

I know if I was going to be attacked and I felt my life was in danger, I would use whatever part of my body that was available to strike to as many vulnerable parts of the attacker’s body, until I was able to get free, or leave him motionless. It is important to fight with all your might, right away when approached violently. In those first moments, he will decide if you are an easy victim or if perhaps he chose the wrong women.

(I do realize that not all attackers are men and not all victims are women, but for my examples, I am using the woman as a victim and the man as the attacker)

Here is a list of the strikes I demonstrate to the targets.

* Eyes- Jabbing with index and middle finger, Jabbing with the thumbs, Using Spear fingers.

* Ears – Slapping to one or to both ears, grabbing ears and yanking down, Grabbing ears and twisting.

* Throat – Elbow to the throat, Finger poke or Spear Hand to the Center Point of Larynx, Grab around throat.

* Nose- Palm strike.

* Solar Plexus – Elbow back, Palm strike, Punch.

* Groin- Top of the foot kick, Knee or Backwards under-hammer, Twist and pull.

* Fingers- Bend back, Twist, Bend and squeeze, Finger nail to cuticle.

* Toes – Stomp or kick, also can stomp to instep or ankle.

Remember, fight with all your might for the best chance to get away! And trust and act on your intuition in whatever situation you may find yourself in. You are strong! I believe in you! You deserve to stand up for yourself and fight for your safety!

P.S. I came across this little video from Miss Congeniality. Enjoy the comic relief!

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